Latest Status:

The conversion of the Classroom Challenges from detailed, paper-based lessons to computer-based tablet technologies is well under way.  Development of the activities and software is accomplished through a series of design experiments and usability studies.  We have been holding usability studies beginning in the Fall of 2013 and continuing through 2014.

During usability studies, multi-modal data is captured in the form of multiple video feeds of the overall interaction and close-ups of the individuals, screen-monitoring of the tablets, and log data from the application as well as separate audio recordings.  The image below depicts the screens of two participants in a usability study on Classroom Challenge “Interpreting Distance Time Graphs” as implemented through the FACT system. (Click to enlarge image).

FACT Tablets

Usability Studies have been conducted on large groups of students to replicate the effect of a classroom setting.  The following images were taken from a recent experiment.

Classroom_Back CloseupOfTablets Classroom_Front