Conducting a Classroom Challenge in FACT generally involves three phases:

1. Preparation: The teacher should browse the FACT website’s list of Classroom Challenges and pick one that is appropriate for the classes to be taught. The teacher then logs into FACT. If this is the first time the teacher has used FACT, then creating a teacher account will require communicating with the FACT team via email, so some time should be allocated for that. After logging in, the teacher should browse the activities. To do this, the teacher creates a fake class, then creates one or more fake students using other tabs of the browser. Thus, the teacher can see both the teacher’s dashboard and what the students’ will see.

2. Pre-assessment: On the first day, the teacher logs into FACT, creates a class, tells the student the class code, and has them log into FACT using the class code. As soon as a student is logged in, they have a scratch poster to play around with and explore the features of FACT’s student user interface. When all the students have logged in and played sufficiently to learn the user interface (only a few minutes, typically), then the teacher advances the class to the first activity, with is called the pre-assessment. When it is completed (about 15 minutes), everyone should log out. The teacher can then review the work at home and prepare for the second day.

3. Main lesson: On the second day, the teacher logs in, reopens the class, and the students log in. The teachers conducts a series of activities including mostly small group and whole class activities. When these are completed (about 50 to 80 minutes), everyone logs out. If the class doesn’t finish the main lesson in one day, then the class can just log out at any time; on the next day, the class can log in and resume where they left off. The tutorial videos below explain the details of each phase.